Tax Benefits for Business and Individual Losses

tax benefits business losses

FJV is the global leader in claiming U.S. tax benefits related to business or tax losses. That is a competitive advantage. Losses arise from a number of potential sources. They can result from the traditional casualty loss to the complexity of an unsuccessful business venture. Many tax planners shy away from taking these losses due to the complexity of the tax and legal rules but we welcome that challenge.

Our Founder, Frank J. Vari, is a renowned expert and author on claiming tax benefits related to business losses. He has designed and implemented tax strategies allowing his clients to claim benefits where other firms and advisors had failed to do so. Our experience ranges from claiming benefits related to unsuccessful traditional investments to worthless subsidiaries of U.S. consolidated groups and controlled foreign corporation (CFC) investments.

Our strategies have also been successfully defended in numerous audits with both U.S. federal and state auditors. Our strategies have been successfully audited by all Big Four accounting firms and the PCAOB in SEC filed financial statements.

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