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mergers and acquistions

Managing a transaction’s tax consequences can be the most important aspect of any merger or acquisition. Understanding a transaction’s unique tax opportunities - and potential pitfalls - yields significant financial benefits. FJV will identify tax opportunities during the course of an acquisition that lower the buyer’s tax bill and, accordingly, reduce the purchase price. FJV is a Wellesley, Massachusetts CPA firm offering the expertise to efficiently manage tax implications for complex strategic mergers and acquisitions.

From due diligence to integration, we’ve spent years helping taxpayers like you on transactions ranging from asset purchases to share purchases of publicly traded corporations in both the U.S. and abroad. Each of these transactions has presented its own issues and opportunities from both a buyer’s and seller’s sides. Value is added to the transaction when our client knows and understands the tax issues of the actual transaction and cash tax benefits are identified and captured. Reducing the tax expense related to the acquisition creates cash savings that can actually reduce the buyer’s purchase price or the seller’s gains. This is just one example of FJV’s value added approach to mergers and acquisitions.

Merger and acquisition advisory includes:

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