Taking Your Business Overseas

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The American market for almost everything is huge but not large enough for many entrepreneurs. For these growth-minded business owners, global expansion is their key business strategy. Seeking international growth by going global as an importer-exporter offers considerable opportunity. The primary reason to go global is to improve your potential for expansion and growth. There are too many international opportunities for us to list them all here. With opportunity comes risk and much of that risk is based on tax, accounting, legal, and regulatory risk.

FJV has over 25 years of experience assisting U.S. companies with global expansion. We’ve helped companies from small closely held manufactures to publicly traded technology giants create or expand their international business. Our unique experience lets FJV go well beyond what traditional CPA and law firms offer. We’ve helped companies with global ambitions on issues as diverse as local country tax laws to local insurance coverage and transportation.

Our international expansion experience includes:

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