Bringing Your Business to the United States

U.S. business expansion

Most every global business leader ranks the United States as the most important market for overseas investment and growth. Despite the many attractions to the United States market that drive this positive view, doing business in the United States can be challenging. One considerable challenge is the United States’ complex system of federal, state, and local levels of taxation and regulatory standards.

The very complicated United States tax system is one aspect of doing business in the United States that requires careful navigation. FJV has a unique appreciation for the unique challenges and opportunities of the United States market which was developed by over 25 years of advising investors located outside the United States, or “inbound” investors, with establishing or expanding their United States businesses.

It can be frustrating, but it is always rewarding, to overcome the confusion and complexity and be successful in the United States market. FJV is uniquely qualified to identify critical business and legal insights that will enhance inbound business performance and effectively manage risk.

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