Business Advisory and Accounting

Profiting from today’s opportunities takes more than talent and business savvy. To maximize investments and comply with an increasingly difficult regulatory environment, your business needs the expertise of a qualified CPA firm like FJV. Our extensive international business and accounting experience lets you increase profits and reduce risk.

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Business Consulting

With over 25 years of experience with both large, mid-sized, and small businesses, FJV knows what works and what does not. It is a unique perspective gained only from personal participation in the creation and implementation of business strategies by some of the world’s most progressive companies.

Tax Accounting Services

Accounting for income taxes can be a complex undertaking for any taxpayer. Let FJV help you through the regulatory labyrinth of both domestic and foreign tax accounting rules including U.S. GAAP, U.S. tax, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and local country GAAP. FJV has worked with small privately held companies, private equity shareholders, and SEC registrants to solve complex tax accounting issues ranging from IPO filings to SEC filed financial restatements.

New Business Start-Ups

FJV is well-versed in both U.S. and international taxation and global commerce so consultation with us should be among the first items on the entrepreneur’s to-do list. FJV provides experienced guidance through the international labyrinth of tax rules and regulations. Taking this step in the early stages will help ensure that pitfalls are avoided and the business can grow unencumbered by the mishandling of U.S. or international taxes.

Merger and Acquisition Services

Managing a transaction’s tax, finance, and accounting consequences can be the most important aspect of any merger or acquisition. Understanding a transaction’s unique opportunities - and potential pitfalls - yields significant financial benefits. FJV will identify tax opportunities during the course of an acquisition that lower the buyer’s tax bill and, accordingly, reduce the purchase price FJV is a Wellesley, Massachusetts CPA firm offering the expertise to efficiently manage tax implications for complex strategic mergers and acquisitions.