International Tax Compliance

international tax complianceFJV’s international tax compliance skills and experience is your competitive advantage.

For both U.S. and non-U.S. multinationals, it is mission critical that all international tax compliance obligations are accurate and timely filed. Even sophisticated taxpayers struggle to meet these fundamental obligations due to the ever increasing complexity and disclosure requirements. Many businesses have finance teams dedicated to accurate accounting and financial reporting that are not specifically programed to meet these important tax reporting obligations. This introduces an increased yet unnecessary level of risk to their international business.

FJV has considerable experience guiding both U.S. and non-U.S taxpayers through the international tax compliance labyrinth. By understanding our client’s businesses, we help our client gain the following:

FJV’s international tax compliance services includes significant experience with the following and more:

FJV has built world class tax compliance teams and processes for both large and small international clients that eliminates compliance risks and meets every international tax compliance goal. These systems are designed to work with minimum disruption to existing client accounting, IT, and financial reporting processes. FJV is your international tax competitive advantage.

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