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The global economy has created pockets of opportunity around the world. Entrepreneurship is at an all-time high as recent college graduates create their own ventures and senior level executives transform into entrepreneurs. Technology allows these same entrepreneurs to start new businesses that can operate immediately on an international basis. Never before in history can a new business be global from its inception. However, with opportunity comes significant risk. Planning, launching, and growing a start-up are complex tasks especially if the new business must operate from the beginning on a global scale. To be successful, the founders must be prepared for an intensive, accelerated, and ongoing planning process. Failure to do so can lead to tax consequences so severe that they can quickly put a start-up out of business leaving enforceable tax debts behind.

FJV is well-versed in both U.S. and international taxation and global commerce so consultation with us should be among the first items on the entrepreneur’s to-do list. FJV provides experienced guidance through the international labyrinth of tax rules and regulations. Taking this step in the early stages will help ensure that pitfalls are avoided and the business can grow unencumbered by the mishandling of U.S. or international taxes.

Effective start-up tax planning provides a boost for an entrepreneur over competitors that are not as knowledgeable or skillful in the development of international tax strategies. The effort entrepreneurs put into strategic tax planning early on is always amply rewarded.

Our tax services are especially valuable to technology start-ups. We have experience ensuring that valuable core intellectual property receives optimal tax treatment from day one. We make sure that tax benefits are immediately available and that tax risks are eliminated. This not only immediately increases cash flow and profitability but makes the enterprise much more attractive and valuable to both current shareholders as well as future investors.

At FJV, our Wellesley, Massachusetts CPA firm has considerable experience helping both large and small start-ups and their shareholders for over 25 years. We’ve helped start-ups in numerous industries including technology, software, manufacturing, and distribution in over 65 countries. Our experience includes legal structuring, VAT/GST, customs and duties, import/export, transfer pricing, duty free warehousing, and beyond.

New business start-up services include:

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