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Tax law shapes nearly every aspect of everyday business decision-making, especially in a multinational business. FJV's strategic tax planning services for businesses provide unique and custom tax strategies that create a competitive advantage by lowering your business costs and increasing your profits and shareholder value.

At FJV, we listen to you. Every industry and business is different and we get to know yours – you, your business situation, your priorities, and your goals. This is much more comprehensive than traditional tax planning as it employs a deeper factual examination of your business. We perform this unique factual analysis to determine how to best serve you. We will optimize the tax efficiency of your organization while fully respecting your risk tolerance. Reducing tax costs and risks at the same time? That is our goal.

We gather and analyze information about your business including tax returns, financial statements, employee information, succession plans, and estate plans. Even in situations where a taxpayer has complied with all applicable tax laws and successfully avoided a tax audit, the question remains of whether the tax burden could be lower. The answer is yes. In the hands of our skilled tax professionals who understand your business and your issues, this analyzed data will drive a unique and targeted strategic tax plan on a broad perspective of tax topics including entity formation, the impact of direct v. indirect taxes, marginal v. effective tax rates, tax arbitrage, to multiparty tax planning, international taxation, U.S. state and local taxation, and the tax treatment of corporate mergers and acquisitions.

We are business advisors. We deliver customized and unique tax strategies that positively impact your business results and cash flow. However, we’re not done there. We develop relationships with our clients that allow them to deal with ever changing tax laws. When tax laws change, our strategies change. At our Wellesley, Massachusetts CPA firm, we don’t allow our clients to unduly expose themselves to risks by using outdated tax planning.

Tax planning for businesses includes:

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