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Every tax controversy is unique, urgent, and inconvenient for the involved parties. FJV works to give you the competitive advantage. FJV provides a solution tailored specifically to each client controversy from both a tax and legal perspective. We quickly assess the situation, establish a tailored solution, and work efficiently and effectively toward a proactive resolution.

We keenly understand the importance of key communications and managing expectations. We keep our clients informed throughout the process by explaining the administrative procedures and outlining the options and strategies for achieving a resolution. We also discuss protections established to limit future controversies.

Our tax audit services include:

Our approach is proactive and we strongly believe that individuals or businesses should approach audits and tax disputes proactively. We encourage clients to consult FJV as early as possible. Although an audit may seem informal at first, it is a government investigation that deserves careful treatment from the beginning. FJV has the knowledge and experience to advise you in developing a legal defense strategy and to represent you or your company through every phase of the controversy defense process.

We strongly believe the taxpayer should control the administrative process. A tax controversy includes scheduling and managing auditors and case managers, drafting appropriate and timely responses to information requests, preparing position papers that apply the relevant tax laws to the relevant facts, and analyzing settlement scenarios, and negotiating settlements and closing agreements. We understand that each controversy is unique and we work to ensure that each client’s controversy matter is handled effectively and efficiently.

We believe in a holistic approach to defending any tax assessment. Most tax controversies present an ideal opportunity for a final look at the tax returns upon which a contested tax position was presented. This is the time to analyze potential tax offsets which may reduce or neutralize the tax assessment and, in certain situations, turn an assessment into a refund. Using FJV’s broad-based approach to a taxpayer’s tax controversy instead of narrowly focusing on the issues raised or assessed often identifies additional options to reach a more effective resolution.

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