International Tax Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing

international tax outsourcing

FJV provides companies and professional firms with the competitive advantage when outsourcing or co-sourcing their international tax functions.

Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing for Business

Many businesses have the proper infrastructure for their domestic business but lack the ability to properly address all of their international requirements. The issue may be as simple as a new exporting arrangement or as complex as the merger or acquisition of a company with extensive international operations. FJV is your solution to not only addressing these needs but many more. We have considerable experience addressing the following issues and more in over 70 countries:

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We also have considerable experience building world class tax teams and tax processes for the most complex multinational corporations. We have also successfully teamed with many accounting firms, including all of the Big Four firms, on multiple occasions to produce outstanding results. Please let us team up with you and deliver your organization the competitive advantage.

Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing for Professional Firms

Many leading CPA, law, and consulting firms provide their clients with outstanding services, but they lack the internal resources to address complex international tax issues. FJV has considerable experience partnering with professional service firms to deliver elite international tax support as well as millions of dollars in tax savings to their clients. Whether the issue is a simple as foreign tax compliance or global intellectual property planning, FJV has the skills and experience to help. We treat you as our client and we treat your clients with your same professional dedication.

Please see below some of the areas where we have teamed with other professional firms:

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We can serve as your international tax advisor on these and many more issues. Please contact us at 800-685-2324 or request a consultation and let us provide you with the elite international tax services that will be your competitive advantage.