International Tax Planning

international tax planning

Strategic international tax planning is necessary to excel in a global economy. As an international tax CPA firm, FJV can help your company develop an overall global tax strategy that facilitates your global business objectives, makes good business sense, and is practicable. International tax planning for specific situations can then be approached in a strategic manner focusing on the company’s broader global tax, finance, and operating strategies.

Companies that do not engage in strategic international tax planning are at a significant disadvantage in the global marketplace. The competitor that enters a market with a higher tax cost must offer products at a higher price with lower profits. Companies that are not familiar with international tax rules, cross-border transfer pricing requirements, and double tax treaties are much more likely to suffer unnecessarily high global tax costs and tax penalties.

Companies that actively engage in strategic international tax planning are at a tremendous competitive advantage. The competitor that enters a market with a lower tax cost can offer products at a lower price with higher profits. It takes careful cross-border tax planning to minimize tax burdens including high foreign corporate tax rates, customs and duty costs, and high withholding taxes but we can guide you. From managing customs and duties to ensuring that your transfer pricing policy meets your cash flow and treasury objectives, FJV can ensure that you have an edge in the marketplace as well as full compliance with U.S. and global tax rules and regulations.

Strategic tax planning for international businesses includes:

Any U.S. based multinational must be immediately well versed in the U.S. international tax reform provisions enacted in late 2017. Let FJV help you create or modify your international tax strategy today. The new provisions we have experience addressing include:

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