Tax Analytics

tax analytics

Tax analytics are one of FJV’s most valuable and popular services with Chief Financial Officers (CFO), business owners, and high net worth individuals. These proprietary tools allow taxpayers to view their business from a competitive tax perspective.

Whether you are an individual or a large publicly traded company, you need to understand the elements of your tax bill and proprietary tax analytics from FJV will uncover this critical data. Most CPA and tax legal advisors do not take the time or feel it is truly important to understand what’s really dictating their client's tax bills. Only by knowing and understanding the specific drivers behind your tax bill can you make informed financial and business decisions. At FJV, our proprietary tax analytics are a special service we offer using our proprietary analysis tools to help our clients make informed business decisions.

Tax analytics are the key to successful tax planning. Strategic tax plans are always changing as laws and business conditions are always in motion. If a taxpayer does not have a strong idea of their tax details, there is no way to guarantee that any expensive and time consuming business and tax planning will achieve the desired result.

Tax analytics are the key to performance measurement. In a competitive environment, it is necessary to know how you measure up against your peers. By understanding how you measure up against your competition you can not only gain insight but take the necessary actions to make sure you come out on top.

Tax analytics for businesses and individuals includes:

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