Tax Consulting Services

With tax consulting services from FJV, you can be confident you’re receiving world class tax solutions from a firm with the skills and experience to be your competitive advantage. Our experienced tax CPA firm is highly skilled and experienced in both U.S. and international taxation and takes the time to understand how to deliver value to you and your business. From tax returns for individuals to complex tax strategies for multinational corporations, we design and deliver cutting-edge tax reduction techniques that deliver value and lower tax risk.

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Strategic Tax Planning

Tax law shapes nearly every aspect of everyday business decision-making, especially in a multinational business. FJV's strategic tax planning services for businesses provide unique and custom tax strategies that create a competitive advantage by lowering your business costs and increasing your profits and shareholder value.

Tax Preparation and Compliance

Accurately completing all tax returns and filings each city, county, state, and country your business operates in is becoming increasingly complex, especially for multinational businesses. However, with ever increasing penalties for missing or inaccurate returns, it is more important than ever to get it right. At FJV, we are dedicated to accurate compliance with professional business tax preparation services. We utilize our expertise to make sure your tax returns are completely accurate and timely filed. This greatly reduces the costly risks of compliance failures and minimal time for strategic forecasting or planning.

Tax Analytics

Tax analytics are one of FJV’s most valuable and popular services with Chief Financial Officers (CFO), business owners, and high net worth individuals. These proprietary tools allow taxpayers to view their business from a competitive tax perspective.

Individual and High Net Worth Tax Services

Tax complexity is simply a fact of life. Fortunately, FJV has the experience and integrity to cut through the complexity making it faster, easier, and less painful to manage your individual taxes. From basic tax planning to measuring the impact of tax reform and international estate planning, FJV has the expertise to help you and your family.

Tax Audit and Controversy

FJV works to give you the competitive advantage. FJV provides a solution tailored specifically to each client controversy from both a tax and legal perspective. We quickly assess the situation, establish a tailored solution, and work efficiently and effectively toward a proactive resolution.

Tax Benefits for Business and Individual Losses

FJV is the global leader in claiming U.S. tax benefits related to business or tax losses. That is a competitive advantage. Losses arise from a number of potential sources. They can result from the traditional casualty loss to the complexity of an unsuccessful business venture. Many tax planners shy away from taking these losses due to the complexity of the tax and legal rules but we welcome that challenge.